Project Fiona to Target $1300-1500 Price Point, Double Heft of an iPad

Recently we reported that Razer had taken to Facebook and was asking for at least 10,000 Facebook likes to prove that there is truly interest in the idea of continuing on the Windows gaming tablet, known as Project Fiona. After securing all these likes, Razer started asking potential buyers what kind of specs they’d want to see with the Project Fiona gaming console. In a world where tablets are still mostly for casual gaming, it was clear that fans wanted something hardcore out of this Windows 8 device. With built-in gaming controllers and the ability to run legacy Windows games, if spec’d right, Fiona could be the perfect gaming tablet and could even work just fine as a desktop gaming device when hooked to a bigger monitor. Overall gamers were interested in having at least a core i5 processor, preferably an i7 option as well. They also wanted discrete graphics and were willing to have double the weight and thickness of an iPad, as long as the true gaming power was there under the hood. As far as price? Anywhere from $1300-$1500 is acceptable according to the voters, as long as it has enough power. With no firm shipping date, it is hard to say when Project Fiona is coming, but it is clear that Razer is still very much interested in going forward with the project. The big question is if this has any real sell potential. Many gamers could likely find something with similar power and not too big of a weight in a laptop/tablet hybrid form factor. This would also make it better for productivity use alongside gaming. Considering a fair amount of hardcore PC gamers are in college, having one device that could be your casual gaming tablet, hardcore gaming PC and productivity PC might make more sense. Still, I admit I’m intrigued by the overall design of Fiona, though I have a feeling that it will have a hard time finding a home outside of a very limited niche. It’s also worth noting that an existing rumor states that Microsoft is working on a gaming-oriented Xbox 7-inch tablet of their own, and if that is true, this thing might find itself up against some pretty firm competition. What do you think of Project Fiona, interested or not? [ source ]  ]]>

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