Prometheus Integrates With Azure Monitor For Containers


Microsoft recently announced the integration of Prometheus with Azure Monitor for Containers, with this integration currently being available in preview form.

Part of Cloud Native Compute Foundation, Prometheus is a popular open source metric monitoring solution that graduated alongside Kubernetes. And it has been part of a public demand, with Azure users asking for it in order to its data available for monitoring.

This data provides significant insights into AKS workloads than the out-of-the-box information that Azure Monitor for Containers obtains. The Azure service only allows access to inventory, health, events, logs and performance information in AKS environments.

But users now get several other additional insights with Prometheus.

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Heiko Harada, senior program manager, Azure Monitoring & Diagnostics talked about this:

“With the additional workload metrics from Prometheus, you now get full-stack, end to end monitoring view for your Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) in Azure Monitor for containers.”

With this native integration between Prometheus and Azure Monitor for Containers, users no longer need to set up a Prometheus server — they are only now required to expose Prometheus endpoint through their exporters or application pods.

The containerized agent for Azure Monitor for Containers will automatically scrape the metric.

Users will also be able to visualize and create alerts for the Prometheus metrics.

Prometheus Azure

Also, thanks to this integration, users can create queries using the Kusto Query Language for the workload data. Prometheus can pull this at either the cluster-wide level or at the node-wide level, depending on needs and requirements.

Overall, an excellent addition to the platform, this, for those in need of rich and extensive telemetry for their cloud applications.

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