Puffin Web Browser Comes To Windows

Edge has a new challenger! Puffin Web Browser is the newest kid on the block to launch on the Windows platform, promising a huge speed increase over the default Microsoft app.

It’s available right now as a beta.

But it you have owned an Android or iOS handset for a length of time, you may be familiar with Puffin Web Browser, a unique little solution that at one point was the top choice of users that wanted to view Flash content on their smartphones.

It has since then evolved to become a superfast web browser for both these platforms, offering technology that substantially increases loading speed and compresses data at the same time.

This, it does by using the power of the cloud to boost the browsing speed. All the data is encrypted and then sent to Puffin servers before being beamed back to your device. This keeps local resource usage to a minimum.

Furthermore, the company also guarantees absolute privacy, by removing all browsing sessions from their servers.

In other words, this is a serious contender.

This video posted by the company claims that Puffin can be as much as four times faster than Microsoft Edge on Windows 10, thanks to all these innovative features. Though, obviously, it does not actually offer advanced functionality that is available on other web browsers like Google Chrome.

Nevertheless, it does offer support for an incognito mode, password manager, popup blocker, tab support, several search engines, as well as a bookmark manager.

No themes or extensions support, however.

Still, this looks like an excellent addition to the platform. And although still in beta, we can expect the developer to add more features to it in the coming months. Puffin Web Browser currently works on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10, and you can grab it from the link below.

Download: Puffin Web Brower

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