Qualcomm leaked roadmap gives Windows 8 clues

July 6, 2011

The MSM8960 This is Qualcomm’s first Windows 8 certified SoC and is expected to start shipping in Q4 2011. The specifications are the following:

  • Dual 1.5-1.7 GHz Krait/ L2 1MB
  • 2x500MHz LPDDR2
  • LTE FDD/TDD cat3(8960); DC-HSPA(8270)
  • HSPA+(8260A)
  • TD-SCDMA (8960, 8260A)
  • 1080p HD Video@30fps; 3D 20Mpix
  • Adreno 225 3D/2D 125M tri./sec (DX9.3)
Then, there’s:

The MSM8930

[caption id="attachment_4729" align="alignnone" width="390"]MSM8930_specs MSM8930_specs[/caption]
With one memory channel,lower CPU clocks and less powerful GPU surprisingly named the Adreno 305 even though it’s less powerful then the Adreno 225.
The specifications are the following:
  • Dual 1.0-1.2GHz Krait/ L2 1MB
  • 1x533MHz LPDDR2 • 1x533MHz LPDDR2
  • LTE Cat2/DC-HSPA+ (8930)
  • 21HSPA+ (8230)
  • 1080p HD Video@30fps; 3D 12MPix
  • Adreno 305 3D 80M tri./sec (DX9.3)
and finally..

The MSM8974

[caption id="attachment_4730" align="alignnone" width="396"]MSM8974_specs MSM8974_specs[/caption]
The specifications are the following:
  • Quad 2.0-2.5 GHz Krait/ L2 2MB
  • 2×667/800MHz LPDDR3
  • LTE Cat4, DC-HSPA+, 1xAdv/DOrA/B
  • 1080p HD Video@60fps; 30Mpix
  • Adreno 320 3D 225M tri/sec (DX9.3)
Qualcomm’s roadmap even goes so far as to lay out plans for a chip to arrive in 2013 which will offer a quad-core 2 to 2.5GHz processor. Source]]>

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