Qualcomm Ready To Bring Next Generation Gaming On Mobile With DirectX 12

showcased by the Nokia Lumia 1520 that was recently crowned the most powerful gaming smartphone on the market, outperforming even the Samsung Galaxy S5. Anyway, all that is past and present. The future, Qualcomm says, is even brighter. With the official announcement of DirectX 12, the chip maker is eager to unleash next generation mobile gaming on Windows Phone handsets. The company talked about this on its blog, saying:

“DirectX 12 will turbocharge gaming on Snapdragon enabled devices in many ways. The new libraries and API’s in DirectX 12 make more efficient use of these multiple cores to deliver better performance.”
So basically, without going into too much technical bits and bytes, one of the major things that will make a difference in the world of mobile gaming is the fact that the GPU will be used much more efficiently in this upcoming new version of the DirectX, thereby promising better looking games. And that too, by consuming as fewer watts as possible — longer battery life never hurt anybody! The only little downer is that Microsoft is taking its sweet time to bring DirectX 12 to the market. Although this new version will be the first to arrive on desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones and the Xbox One at the same time, planned rollout is only expected in late 2015. Then again, a two year wait is nothing compared to the goodness and richness DirectX 12 is set to bring. Besides, the hardware, at least on the mobile front, would have improved exponentially by then.]]>

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