Qualcomm Snapdragon 1000 Is The Chip We Need

Only a few weeks back did we hear Qualcomm announcing its next Mobile PC Platform, but there is already talk about Snapdragon 1000, the SoC that will come after that.

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But while devices housing that new chipset will not be available until this holiday season, the rumor mill is already churning out new reports on what is to come after that — and by the looks of things, there is something amazing planned.

This report, from one of the more reliable sources around, claims that the codename for the next Snapdragon chip for the Windows on ARM platform is SDM1000.

Which is to say that it will be called the Snapdragon 1000 when it makes its way out to the market

As you can imagine, this is an entirely new tier for Qualcomm, as the company wants to amplify the performance of its chips in order to make some headway into the PC market. This new chip is, more or less, target at ultrabooks.

In terms of hardware, we are looking at a 12W chip that will likely be socketed. In other words, it will not be integrated into the motherboard.

The platform reportedly has support for up to 16GB LPDDR4X RAM, and two 128GB UFS 2.1 modules, so memory and disk space should not be too much of an issue for devices powered by this chip.

Speaking of, these devices are expected to be very powerful.

One of the biggest complaints about the current Snapdragon 835 powered Always Connected PCs is their lackluster performance, particularly when emulating x86 applications. The Snapdragon 850 is said to offer about a 30% boost in speed, and the Snapdragon 1000 will go well beyond that.

Chances are, we will get a product that is powerful enough to compete with the Intel 15W U-series chips that are found in many ultrabooks today.

If we do, it may well signal a bit of a paradigm shift in computing.

At least, on the PC side.

Exciting stuff.

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