Qualcomm want to give you money for Windows 8 development

Categories and Criteria

One winner will be chosen for each of the below categories. Developers must adhere to Microsoft’s Metro-style principles and Microsoft app certification requirements. Applications must be self-contained and can be a fully developed application or a working prototype.
  1. Best Overall App – $100,000 PrizeJudging Criteria:
    • Highest scoring app overall
  1. Best Connectivity Use Case – $20,000 PrizeJudging Criteria:
    • Unique use of an always-on, always-connected solution
    • Ease of access
    • Incorporation of roaming user profiles
  1. Best Gaming App – $20,000 PrizeJudging Criteria:
    • Originality of game concept
    • Fun to play and addictive (player wants to keep playing)
  1. Best Produtivity App – $20,000 PrizeJudging Criteria:
    • Efficient streamlining of process or task
    • Performs a single task in a new or interesting way or creates a natural mashup of tasks
  1. Best Use of AllJoyn – $40,000 Prize Note: The AllJoyn for Windows 8 Beta SDK will be available July 18, 2012.Judging Criteria:
    • Most innovative use of AllJoyn (proximity-based peer-to-peer)
Registration is open from June 27 to October 1, 2012. The judging will take place from October 2nd through 15th and the winner will be announced on October 18th, 2012. You can read more details about the competition here]]>

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