Quiet Notifications Come To Microsoft Edge


Shh! Be very, very quiet! Website notifications are now almost as common as those from apps. And while many of these are rather useful, some sadly are created with the intention of bombarding you with prompt after prompt.

No wonder, quiet notifications are now necessary on modern web browsers.

And Microsoft Edge being one of the most modern ones around, is here with a solution to this pesky little problem.

Acknowledging that notifications are an essential part of the browsing experience now, Redmond has embraced the quiet notification system in Edge. The company actually reached out directly to users for this, and found out that most folks preferred to block these abusive prompts from the word go.

As explained:

“These users were typically bothered if they couldn’t understand the value of notifications from a given site, or if the prompt appeared immediately upon visiting the site. However, many of these same users want or even depend upon notifications from a site that’s important to them: for example, meeting alerts from a calendar web app or updates from their favorite media subscriptions.”

Which is why the most recent version of Microsoft Edge has introduced this new concept of quiet notifications. Version 84, which has been available since the mid of July on all supported platforms, essentially blocks the flyout prompt that shows up on websites that offer notifications.

This treatment reduces the prominence of notification requests so that you can stay focused on your current task, but still have the option to enable it in the UI.

Additionally, the software titan has also provided a series of tips for developers in order to make the notification experience less intrusive. And one welcome bit of advice is to avoid displaying the prompt right once the site loads.

In this case, Microsoft says, the users will not even know if enabling notification on this particular website is worth it or not — particularly if they are visiting the site for the first time.

Sage advice.

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