Ramos Preparing i10 Pro, A Windows And Android Dual-Boot Tablet

Perhaps the best thing about Intel’s Bay Trail platform is its support for both the Windows operating system and Android. That, and the affordable price means that tablet vendors are increasingly deciding in favor of the processor.

That is, in favor of competing solutions from Qualcomm and Nvidia.

Now Ramos is one company that you may or may not have heard off — the Japanese vendor is famous for its iPad clones. In other words, high-resolution Retina quality displays on devices that have a similar look and feel to Apple’s flagship slate, and are offered at affordable prices. Running Android, obviously.

Anyway, the company is reportedly jumping into the dual-boot arena in 2014.

This rather interesting tablet is expected to be sold as the Ramos i10 Pro, is said to be powered by an Intel Atom Bay Trail chip, and offers the possibility of quickly switching between Windows and Android.

That is Windows 8.1 Pro, obviously.

The slate is expected to be unveiled at the CES 2014, early next year. And although complete hardware details are still under wraps, it is speculated that the Ramos i10 will feature a 10.1-inch screen with a display resolution of 1920 by 1200 pixels.

File this as a rumor, but we should have more details in the coming month or two. The device does seem to have a lot potential, and how it fares will largely depend on the price tag Ramos puts up.

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