Rapid Release Cycle Is The New Norm, Says Steve Ballmer

CEO Steve Ballmer was in his usually triumphant mood today. The head of Microsoft took the stage at the BUILD conference in San Francisco and talked about his company’s vision for the future.

It has been speculated for quite some time now, but we finally have an official confirmation.

According to Ballmer, a rapid release cycle is the new norm for Microsoft, and consumers should expect faster updates to Windows and other platforms in the future. The CEO said that Microsoft is moving faster than ever to push out new updates as well as release new products:

“We’re innovating very fast. We’re going to a huge transformation. We’re releasing new products very, very fast. Rapid releases are absolutely fundamental for what we’re doing.”

As noted above, Microsoft’s move to a rapid release cycle has been expected for some time. This is actually a dramatic shift in strategy from the software titan — gone are the days of a massive update every few years.

This move to a rapid release schedule better prepares the company to adapt its products and services (the Windows operating system in particular) as the market evolves.

There is another side to the coin however. A rapid development cycle could often result in more bugs, more so if Microsoft decides to add in several new features. Redmond will surely have to be watchful and attentive in this regard.

But as things stand, we are almost there with Windows 8.1. The new upgrade should hit general availability in the coming months. And its launch will give way to the next million dollar question. Will Windows 8.2 be on the horizon for next year, and where does Windows 9 fit into all of this.

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