Reader feedback – Windows 10 unable to upgrade because of small hard drive

Reader Feedback

Today we have an interesting reader question/piece of feedback.

This is from John M from Queensland Australia.

He was writing in to ask about the difficulty of upgrading Windows 10 with a smaller hard drive.

His email:


Probably like many I made the mistake of buying a lap to with a 30Gb hard drive. By the time normal operating system and Microsoft 365 loaded there is not enough room to allow Windows 10 updates. Consequently I now have a laptop that is running Windows 10 Home Version 1610.

Occasionally, during an update, it asks if I have another disk connected and to use it. I currently have another dik which has 44.7Gb free. It never, ever allows an update to continue.

These laptops with 30Mb hard drives have been sold by the 1,000s as they were reasonably priced and ideal for students.

Therefore there are a large number of users that cannot ever update their Windows 10 operating system.

I am amazed that Microsoft has not solved this problem. I have been with Windows since the first Windows version but am struggling to understand this lack of support. I currently have a PC All-in-One, a Tower PC, 4 laptops and one Netbook.

I use this particular 30Mb laptop while I am moving around because of its physical size. All except the Netbook run Windows 10 which is still on Windows 7



John is making the point that there are thousands of hard drives that only have 30GB or smaller and these hard drives will have a hard time upgrading their OS.

Keep in mind that Windows 10 System Requirements are only 16GB to 20GB.

Let us know – are any of you facing the same problem? Use the comments below to let us know.

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