Reader Question – How does System Recovery work on a PC upgraded to Windows 8.1?

GUEST POST/QUESTION The following question is from one of our long time readers John Campbell who was trying to wrestle with the issue of system recovery. Recovery under Windows 8.0 was a useful option allowing you to: Picture1 Having used it to re-furbish an aberrant computer I was pleased to see it available in the upgraded Windows 8.1. Wanting to start off on a clean slate I attempted to utilize the Refresh your PC . . . option and found to my annoyance I was locked out. Picture2 Having no-where to go I clicked the Cancel button and gave up in disgust. When I tried the other options – “Remove everything and Install . . .” and “Advanced start-up” another disappointment! The big question is why does Recovery work with Surface RT tablets yet seems to not be available on a PC upgraded to Windows 8.1? Despite an extensive search on the web trawling all Microsoft sources and asking this question:

“After installing Windows 8.1 over Windows 8.0 and attempted to perform a “Refresh” from Update and Recovery. I was unable to do this as a message box popped up stating” Insert media – some files are missing. Your Windows installation or recovery media will provide these files”.
Is there a solution apart from buying a full disk for Windows 8.1? Seems to me the process of attempting to use “Refresh . . .”,” Remove everything .. .” and “Advanced Start-up” are useless options when you update to Windows 8.1!!! Any ideas?]]>

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