Red Nokia Lumia 1020 May Be Coming As An Exclusive For AT&T Customers

Nokia already announced at launch of the Lumia 1020 that the smartphone will be available from AT&T later this month for a sweet price of $299.99, with a two-year agreement.

And thought the Finnish telecom giant confirmed that the deluxe smartphone will be available in a range of colors (black, white and yellow), Nokia fans speculated that the company would make its latest flagship handset available in other colors like cyan and red.

But while these colors are yet to be officially announced, the famed evleaks has just published the press image of Nokia’s flagship Lumia 1020 in red.

As expected, the smartphone looks smashing — smashing great, that is.

At this point in time there is no telling that the device will be available in red color as an option for AT&T customers who want to pick up the smartphone in the United States.

But if the image is authentic, which it probably is, then it is expected that the wireless carrier will reveal the new color very soon. It has already silently announced that it has sold out its preorder lot online, though the smartphone is expected to be available in limited quantities in its physical store locations.

Stay tuned for more information on this matter as we near the launch of the device in the US.

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