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It was at BUILD 2020 that Microsoft confirmed plans for a major update to its Edge Addons website, with better search and curated collections. And the redesigned page is now available for all users.

As in, everyone across the globe.

The software titan announced this in a blog post, revealing how this design refresh addresses many of the key concerns that users had related to the usability of the platform. Apparently, several of these key concerns were highlighted by users, relating to the discovery of addons for the Edge web browser.

And as can be seen below, Redmond seem to have taken them well into account.

Notable changes include a revised storefront that enhances discoverability of the extensions, improved search results, as well as accessibility improvements all around.

Website Edge Addons

Check out the redesign yourself by pointing your browser to the Edge Addons page.

The new site is now divided into various categories like entertainment, accessibility, and productivity. A carefully curated homepage now makes it easy for users to discover new collections. While the search page now offers detailed insights into the results, improving navigation at the same time.

Moreover, there is now also a dedicated section that lists the most popular addons, as well as another one that provides recommendations from the editors.

And lastly, Redmond plans to simplify the Partner Center in the next few months to help extension developers better manage their addons.

While the official Edge Addons website is the easiest way for Edge users to install extensions for their browser, it’s also possible to get addons from other established sources like the Chrome Web Store, which Microsoft actually wholeheartedly recommends.

That said, this official page still retains the beta tag, even after this redesign.

Microsoft started accepting submissions for Edge extensions back in December, and it appears that it will still be a fair while before the repository sheds the beta tag.

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