Redstone 4 May Be Called The Windows 10 April 2018 Update

April 17, 2018

So, no Spring Creators Update, then? There has been talk that Microsoft has had a change of heart with regards to the upcoming Redstone 4 update to its operating system.

One that has been delayed.

More on that later, but first let’s get the naming convention out of the way.

Curiously, for what is a major update to Windows 10, we still don’t have a solid idea of what it will be called. Redmond was apparently leaning towards calling it the Spring Creators Update, but seemingly dropped the name a short while ago.

But now a new hint has surfaced.

Indicating that the company is thinking about calling this new version the Windows 10 April 2018 Update. Not unlike the Windows 10 November Update that launched in 2015.

This video above alludes to a strong chance that Redstone 4 will have the April 2018 nomenclature, even as it remains unclear that Microsoft will be able to push out Version 1803 before May.

And that is because this version has been besieged by bugs and rollout issues.

As the company notes:

“As Build 17133 progressed through the rings, we discovered some reliability issues we wanted to fix. In certain cases, these reliability issues could have led to a higher percentage of (BSOD) on PCs for example. Instead of creating a Cumulative Update package to service these issues, we decided to create a new build with the fixes included.”

So, basically, these reliability problems were the reason that prevented the rollout of this new version last week. And now, as we approach the end of the month, it is still not a given that Redmond will be able to initiate the rollout — what with all the testing involved.

In which case, the April 2018 Update name for this version starts making a little less sense.

Oh, this is all so confusing!

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