Redstone 4 To Bring New Game Bar With Fluent Design

Development on Redstone 4 is already underway at Redmond, with the software titan gradually revealing new features that will be part of this next update for Windows 10.

The various preview builds that Microsoft has launched have already provided us with short glimpses.

And now there is talk that the company is also experimenting with a refined Game Bar — one that features Fluent Design UI improvements along with small improvements here and there designed to improve the gaming experience for users of the new OS.

This screenshot shows it in action:

Redstone 4 Game Bar

These are the same design effects that are currently available on some of the UWP apps, including acrylic that allows users to see what is behind the user interface.

The transparency effect certainly looks good, and the source above claims that this new Game Bar will feature both light and dark modes. In addition to this, new animations are also part of the deal, along with a clock and broadcast options that are only displayed as toggle buttons or switches.

And finally, the new Game Bar also features shortcuts to Xbox Live profile, Mixer profile, the recordings folders, and settings.

Basically, all the refinements a user would expect in terms of design and usability.

Of course, this is still an early implementation of it, and Microsoft is sure to further refine the Game Bar with an even more improved UI before rolling it out for all users. Hopefully, some new options also arrive for what has become a useful feature for Windows 10 gamers.


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