Redstone 5 Build 17677 Focuses On Edge

Microsoft has released a new Redstone 5 preview, in the form of Windows 10 build 17677, after previously stating that no build release would happen this week due to a rollback issue.

As it turned out, it was a deployment issue that the company easily fixed on the server side, so here we are with a new release for Insiders on the Fast ring.

Redmond notes that this latest Windows 10 build is from the Redstone 5 development branch, and basically brings improvements to the features we have already seen so far. In other words, there are enhancements for the Edge web browser, as well as a few new accessibility features.

For Edge, we have a new, clearer “Settings and more…” menu.

Build 17677 Edge Settings

Microsoft says this new design makes it easier for users to find the options they are looking for. The menu options are now organized into groups, with icons for each entry and keyboard shortcuts where applicable.

The Jump List now lets you see your top sites on the Windows Taskbar or the Start Menu.

Build 17677 Edge Set Aside

While it is also possible to now organize the tabs that have set aside, making it easier to remember what is in each group. It is also possible to label any group to rename it, which should further help with better management.

Build 17677 Edge Downloads

Speaking of better management, the software titan has added some welcome options for the Downloads pane, including Show in folder and Copy link.

Took a long time coming, these, but these new options are finally here for the right-click menu.

Build 17677 also brings along a few improvements for the Narrator feature in the operating system, while kernel debugging has also been enhanced. There are some changes in how the Task Manager does memory reporting, while mobile broadband connectivity via LTE also gets a makeover.

Details of all this these new improvements are available at the link above.

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