ReFS Support Said To Be Included With Windows 8.1

If there is one confirmation we have of Windows 8.1, it’s that Microsoft is all set to bring a number of really interesting changes to its flagship operating system, both under and over the hood.

The stage was already set with Windows 8, and now is the perfect time to expand upon.

But while a glimpse of everything that is new in the user interface is fascinating, improvements under the hood that increase performance or provide better security are more even more interesting. Here is one such hidden technology that has just been unearthed in Windows Blue.

Aye, support for the ReFS file system that was first introduced with Windows Server 2012.

The keen eyes over at Windows4Live have found that the freshly leaked preview of Windows 8.1 (build 9369) offers the ability to interact with the ReFS — which stands for Resilient File System, by the way.

This new file system is actually based on the popular and universally acclaimed NTFS technology.

And as the name suggests, ReFS offers enhanced stability along with improved reliability for on-disk structures. And not just that, ReFS also offers a couple of advanced new features like BitLocker encryption and Access Control List.

The leaked screenshot above shows the ReFS functionality in the preview version of Windows 8.1.

As always, there is no confirmation from Microsoft on this, or whether this new technology will be built in the final release of Windows 8.1. But as we can see the software giant is at least considering adding this feature into the upcoming OS.

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