Remove Windows Shield Centre Virus & How to Get Rid of Windows Shield Centre Virus

Remove Windows Shield Centre Virus & How to Get Rid of Windows Shield Centre Virus

What is Windows Shield Centre?

Windows Shield Centre is a fake Microsoft Security Essentials infection from the family of fake computer optimizers and analysis programs. This infection enters your system through malicious Trojans. When this infection gets installed inside your system it displays a fake system security alert stating the detection of an unknown win32 infection. This threat further states that it can compromise the security and privacy of your data. Also it suggests you to undertake a fake scan of your computer system, the end result of which is the detection of a particular file infected with Trojan.Horse.Win32.PAV.64.a Further it prompt you to press the OK button and install the so called antivirus which is the Windows Shield Centre Virus. When your system gets rebooted after the installation of the Windows Shield Virus, an abnormal window is presented in front of your normal Windows screen which prompts you again to scan your whole system for infections. Several fake infections are detected by this scan with the intention of scaring the user of a PC to purchase the full version of this application. An important point to be remembered here is that all these errors and threats are fake and unreal and you should never be worried on seeing them.

How to remove Windows Shield Centre Virus?

Now the question arises in our mind is how to get rid of these irritating threat and alerts from our PC. As this virus modifies and alters the important files, folders and applications in our PC a solid program is needed to fix them. Reimage is the solution to all your problems. Reimage works by comparing the files present in your system with the files present in its huge database.

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Why prefer Reimage over other applications? Reimage has a web repository of 25 million user files in your PC. It works by comparing the files present in your PC with the files in its database. Thus it finds for any hiding root kit and viruses and removes them. So reimage not only removes the infection but it also repairs the damaged files and folders. To read more about Reimage visit the Reimage Blog

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