Removing Nero In Windows Vista

Microsoft introduced Windows Vista with eye catching user interface and lots of other features. New product changed many mindsets to upgrade those using Windows XP on their system. Besides its advanced features many users report that they are facing Nero uninstallation problem in their operating system when they shift to Windows Vista. It happens because not all the versions of Nero are compatible with Vista. Problem continues to occur even when removing Nero from Add/Remove Program in Control Panel.

You may want to remove Nero from your new operating system because of:

Files get damaged when you upgrade your operating system.
You want to update Nero to the latest version.
You need other optical disc authoring program that provides more features on Windows Vista.

There are two methods to remove Nero when you are unable to remove software using Add or Remove Programs. One of them is to Uninstall using Nero Uninstall tool and second one is Windows Cleanup tool.

If you want to remove Nero from your computer using Nero Uninstall tool then you may download tools from their official website. Following are the tools available on Nero 7 removal page:

General CleanTool
Driver CleanTool and Registry Checker
InCd CelanTool
Nero7 CleanTool
NeroVision Express CleanTool

General CleanTool enables you to remove any Nero application from your system including its plug-ins. Driver CleanTool and Registry Checker helps you removing driver files and registry entries.

Windows Clean up tool is also used to remove Nero products form the computer in case you are unable to remove Nero using its own tools. These tools are designed to scan entire system for corrupt and faulty installations. It is very important to make sure that the Windows Cleanup tool you are using is compatible with Vista.

After you have removed Nero from your computer, search again for any Nero Files and Folders on the hard drive.

To Remove Nero From your computer, it is recommended that you use Registry Cleaner software to scan registry of your Vista computer for any left over registry entries. This is important because these registry entries will not only increase the size of the registry unnecessarily but may also prevent you from installing the upgraded version of Nero on your PC.

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