Report Claims Windows 9 Is Launching This Year, Hits Beta In May

claimed that the next full version of Microsoft’s flagship operating system is primed for release in 2014 — Microsoft plans to stick with the regular refresh cycle. In fact, the beta build of Windows 9 will be launched by Redmond in May, while a release candidate is on track for release in either August or September. The final RTM version of Windows 9, then, could go live sometime between October 21 and October 25. Public launch will follow soon afterwards, according to this new report. Wzor has a bit of a track record for predictions like these, but at the end of the day this is another prediction, we have no official confirmation from Microsoft of any sorts whatsoever. Still, this is not the first time we have heard of Windows 9 launching this year — this was reported to be the case back in late 2012 too when Windows 8 first launched. So there might just be some truth in it. More details should be with us after the BUILD conference in April.]]>

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