Report Says That Traditional PC Users are Unlikely to Adopt Windows 8

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  1. you can start by takeing out the metro style for windows 8 and use the classics for pc’s and make sure that the reqired windows files will run ejay software and others on 32bit/64 as i have tried and will not work as a 16 BIT SOFWARE

  2. I loaded up 8 and had a few users try it.  The two responses I received were – (a) this is for entertainment (b) I want my desktop back, I don’t like moving back and forth (on the metro UI).
    Microsoft’s aspirations are noble enough but not realistic in the enterprise.

  3. I scored a slightly used Acer Iconia W500 from eBay 2 months ago for $300 and replaced the pre-installed windows 7 with W8DP. This allows me to create native Office docs (and do most of the things I do with my Android tablet) while lying in a supine position.  Due to chronic back pain, I must constantly switch from sitting, to kneeling, to lying … the tablet gives me that flexibility. 
    Just wondering how people can maximize their Windows 8 experience without running Windows 8 on a tablet.  I’m assuming that the majority of those who downloaded W8DP are still running it on their desktop PCs. This is the reason why most people who tried W8DP (including my wife) are not too happy with it and would like to revert back to Windows 7. I’m impressed with Windows 8 (both on my tablet and on my desktop) but I always come across reports of people who are frustrated by it and this is probably because they run W8DP on their desktops (thus, missing its tablet-optimized functionality) and they are not flexible enough to adapt to the new interface (majority of computer users are not power users).
    Soon Microsoft will release Windows 8 beta. That’s great! But how will testers experience the “real” Windows 8 experience if they don’t run the beta on a tablet?  Are they willing to shell out $400-$1200 for a Windows 7 tablet PC and replace the operating system with the beta edition?  You will, I will … but I doubt the majority will do the same. This is a serious issue that Microsoft must take into account if they hope to lure people away from Android and iOS back to Windows. Since Amazon sold Kindle fire tablets below cost (knowing they will ultimately profit if people buy stuff with their tablets) shouldn’t Microsoft offer the option to score a cheap x86 tablet where the beta can be tested and experienced to the max? Or should Microsoft just let people download the beta and install it on their desktops to prove it is not primarily designed for the desktop?

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