Research: 32% Enterprise Users Want Windows On Their Next Tablet

Mark this as a win for Windows on tablets. Countless Surface Pro reviews are floating up on the web as these words are written, but regardless of what their verdict is enterprise users have their heart on a Windows slate.

At least, if you believe the latest survey from Forrester Research, that is.

According to a report over at ReadWriteWeb, the majority of employees in the business sector would like a tablet that is powered by Windows — which makes perfect sense, when you consider the fact that a majority of companies already use Microsoft’s operating system on their machines.

The survey polled 9,766 IT workers (why not a clean 10,000 is the big question), and a whelming 32 percent voted in favor of a Windows tablet, while 26 percent want an iPad and only 12 percent are seeking an Android slate.

Forrester’s report concludes:

“For CIOs, there are three mandates that arise from this data: 1.) Apple and Android will be major suppliers to the enterprise. 2.) Microsoft has a ­fighting chance in tablets. 3.) The workplace of the future is multiplatform.”

Fighting chance, they say?

This is not all that encouraging news for Microsoft and its smartphone ambitions, however, as only 10 percent of the workers surveyed want a Windows Phone as their device. 33 percent are looking for an iPhone, while 22 percent are in for an Android based smartphone.

But at least, the numbers are aligning for Surface and other Windows powered slates.

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