Research Finds Microsoft As More Trusted And Essential Than Apple And Samsung

You’d have to think really hard to find a technology company that is more engaged (and trying to innovate) on multiple fronts than Microsoft. It is competing with Google, Apple and other market leaders in various fields.

And while not everyone recognizes this, Redmond is actually winning the battle.

This new research conducted by Forrester reveals that as far as consumer mindshare is concerned, Microsoft is considered more trusted and essential than both Apple and Samsung.

The study was conducted in August 2013, and no less than 4,551 online adults in the US placed Microsoft at the very top of the TRUE (trusted, remarkable, unmistakable and essential) rankings.

Forrester writes:

“In a surprise upset, Microsoft trumped Apple and Samsung in the TRUE brand rankings. In fact, Microsoft was the only brand in the survey to achieve the coveted trailblazer status – indicating that the Microsoft brand is ‘at the forefront of brand building with a unique and distinct brand identity that sets it apart from other brands.”

Surprise upset? Hardly!

And when we consider that this study was conducted almost five months back, and all the stuff that changed in these five months (Windows 8.1, Surface 2 and more), there is every chance that end consumers are even more delighted with the direction Microsoft is heading in.

The findings further reveal that all three brands were seen as innovative by the consumers, but while both Apple and Samsung battle it out for the coveted Millennial generation, Redmond is seen as trusted and essential across multiple generations.

Steve Ballmer’s One Microsoft initiative seems to be working its magic.

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