RetroUI Start Replacement Gets a New Update

While I personally find Windows 8’s new Start UI quite useful now that I’ve become accustomed to it, some users simply want what they are familiar with. This is especially true in the enterprise world.

Although there are potential organization benefits to using the Start UI, those that are used to creating files and organizing with the Start menu might simply want to keep what they know for now. There is nothing wrong with that, that’s the power of choice.

One thing I like about Windows is that you have the freedom to make changes through 3rd party utilities and tweaks. There is certainly a much higher level of customization possible than you’ll ever find with a Mac computer.

If you are looking for the benefits (speed, performance, etc) with Windows 8, but want to keep your start menu, you have TONS of choices anymore. Some of these choices try to blend the old and new. They allow launching full modern apps inside a “start menu-like” menu.

Many of these attempt to improve upon what was done with the Start menu in Windows 7. For those that pretty much want the classic experience without too many extra bars and whistles, Retro UI is one of the better options out there. Even better, it just received a new update.

Version 3.0 of RetroUI has a true retro style start menu, as well as a metro-ized version. This gives you the choice to find the start menu that works best for you. There are also the ability to adjust the color of a user’s Windows 8 color choice, changing up “Snap” to allow half-screen instead of just a fraction, and much more.

There is a lot to like about RetroUI for those looking to bring back the old start menu experience, but there is also a downside: it isn’t free. The program costs $4.95 for the right to use on one PC, or $9.95 for the rights to use on up to three PCs. There is a 7-day trial for those that are curious and want to see how well they like it before they commit to buying.

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