Review – Reimage PC Repair Software

  • The Hardware Analysis Summary offers information about your computer’s central processing unit – including its temperature (our test computer’s was 140 degrees) – and information about free memory, hard disk drive speed, viruses, stability threats, security threats and more.
  • The PC Stability report offers a Windows and application crash history, which includes breakout information about programs that are considered “unstable” or “slightly unstable.”
  • The PC Security report is designed to provide information about malware, viruses and Trojans that may threaten the security of your computer.
  • The PC Scan Summary combines all of the information into categories and rates the health of your computer in the areas of Stability Threats, Security Threats and PC Damage Severity.
  • All of these reports come with graphics and easy-to-understand information. You can see some screenshots below Try a free Reimage scan here. [gallery link="file" columns="5"] It was a little jarring that there were no undo buttons for individual keys or for the overall repair. In order to undo Reimage changes, you have to go through the uninstall wizard. It’s a pretty straight forward piece of software and may be a little simpler than an advanced PC user might like. If you are looking to just simply defragment your PC and get it running smoothly, you might want to try Reimage. Try a free Reimage scan here.]]>

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