Review Technorati Media – absolutely unprofessional ad network

Technorati Media is an integrated online media company with an advertising network, a social rich media technology platform, and three owned web properties including the internet’s largest blog directory. Launched in June 2008, Technorati Media’s ad network has quickly grown into the largest social media ad network (over 1,300 independent sites, blogs, and social networks), boasting an audience of 63 million US unique visitors a month. Technorati Media is the 25th largest media property in the US, the 3rd largest social media property and the 2nd largest blog property., the flagship site, is the world’s first and largest blog search engine and a robust community blogging platform. Awesome. Very cool I thought to myself, I’ve found another good network. So I applied for a publisher account on their site and got this email. (click on the image for an enlarged version) [caption id="attachment_5659" align="alignnone" width="590"]Technorati Approval Email Technorati Approval Email[/caption] Awesome! Up and running right? Time to wait for the email with site tags. Right on time, it showed up. [caption id="attachment_5660" align="alignnone" width="590"]Technorati-Tags Technorati-Tags[/caption] Fantastic but..wait a minute, the tags are empty. Must be a mistake. So I used the contact form and asked for assistance with the tags. As those of you who use code may know, there should have been lines of Javascript inbetween the BEGIN and END tags. So, off to the contact form on their site. [caption id="attachment_5661" align="alignnone" width="559"]Contact-Form Contact-Form[/caption] And let’s wait for a reply. And wait….and wait. 3 days later, I sent another message via the contact form – because you know it would make no sense for them to have a phone number (they dont). And wait and wait. Cut a long story short, after sending them 4 emails, I never heard back from them. No contact. No new tags. Nothing. It’s been a month now and to my shock and horror, I’ve still heard nothing. I have been an affiliate marketer since 2003 and I have never seen such a level of incompetence/negligence from an Ad network. To approve a publisher and then vanish off the face of the earth is totally unacceptable. Now maybe, just maybe it’s a glitch but it makes you question just what kind of people run the joint. Well now I know about how unreliable Technorati Media is….and so do you.]]>

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