Review – Uniblue Powersuite 2013

  • Optimizes your computer speed
  • Performs system optimization
  • Performs disk optimization
  • I’ll start from the beginning. You can head to their site and download a free trial to do a system inspection. I got my software from their website and started the install. At the end of the install, you’re ready to start the preliminary scan. It starts the scan and goes through the System optimization tasks
    • Tweaks
    • Unused Processes
    • Invalid Registry Entries
    • Driver Updates
    Then it checks out the following from the Disk optimization section
    • Junk Files
    • Disk Fragmentation
    After putting my serial number in I was able to see the full range of options and able to actually turn on the speed options and optimize the system and disk areas. For most PC’s, this range of tools will fix the problems identified. Long story short, after turning all the relevant settings on and doing a registry defrag, it makes you do a hard reboot. The bottom line is that this is a good all in one system optimization utility for those of you who need to add a little pep to your PC’s performace. If you don’t already have a reliable application continuously optimizing your speed, disk, drivers and overall system, I have to recommend Uniblue Powersuite 2013 by Uniblue. You can head to their site and get it here.]]>

    Written by Onuora Amobi


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    1. So how much does it cost? I went to Uniblue’s website and they give you NO pricing information, no reviews, no comparisons, no nothing.. You may know them, but I don’t. I really wouldn’t download some software on my computer to then be told AFTER what it would cost to purchase the ‘real’ or “Pro” version. Seems like they are hiding something…

    2. I went to Uniblue’s website and they provide NO pricing information, no comparison, no reviews, no recommendations. You may know them but I don’t. I find it very curious why they want you to download their software without telling you what the ‘full’ or ‘Pro’ versions cost. It seems like they are hiding something. I certainly wouldn’t download something that goes through the ‘insides’ of my computer without knowing how much it is going to cost or what it is doing to my computer.

    3. So now that I see it clearer, does one have to to purchase both the Powersuite 2013 for $59 AND the SpeedUpMyPC 2013 for $29 in order to get your computer ‘clean’ and working faster? That seems to be pretty expensive compared to others who can do it all in one for half that amount. I use Tune-up and it all does it in one.

      • I don’t guarantee that this crapware will break a system in three months, however there is a reason I specifically instruct my staff not to use software like this in my computer maintenance instructions. I have grown weary of cleaning up messes from this and other fix it software, and the uniblue name is familiar to me from past messes. This isn’t just my opinion, it is even a topic of discussion at our national Tech Guild meetings for my organization. Just sayin, if you want a well maintained computer there are instructions on other well known and respected sites that are widely used in the industry and utilize freeware that makes things better long term, not worse. I won’t say any more than that so I don’t step on Onuora’s livelyhood any more than necessary.

    4. I use Tune Up utilities as well, and I am well pleased with it. That’s saying a lot these days. I have always thought Uniblue was a piece of crap. Tune Up is not free but outrageously priced. Oh, it also works.

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