Review Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

Features of Mango Call Logging The call log feature offered in Mango displays log information weekly and includes SMS and email logging as well. Conversation view


Conversation view enables you to view multiple new messages from different applications like Skype and Email clients and delete unwanted messages easily that were manually deleted in normal circumstances. Office integration Office is integrated with Mango to provide mobile versions of Exchange, SharePoint to customers. This allows you to create, edit and view documents belonging to different Office applications. Email integration You can directly navigate to your frequently accessed email folders and search emails by conversation. Older emails feature as part of phone based searches. Visual voicemail: Based on device manufacturer implementations, users can use visual voicemail enabling them to play messages by tapping on the device. The mobile operator may charge additional cost for offering this service Hidden Wi-Fi network support: you will be able to connect to hidden Wi-Fi networks by entering the network’s SSID. Battery saver feature specifies the duration for which the battery will be able to power the mobile and switches on the power saving mode if it detects low battery power. Push email, background applications and networking applications will be turned off it low power (20% battery power) is detected. Switch feature Switching between Facebook chat and IM messenger has been made easy due to this feature. If the user is online, you can have an IM conversation or you can send an SMS to the user if he/she is offline. Facebook update notifications You can view all the updates made by your friends on Facebook in real time with this feature. You can set your messenger status or social status on the fly. Location based services Without using third party tools, you can avail yourselves of Location based services that is integrated into Bing search. Restaurants, shopping centers, local activities and highlights are displayed using scout feature. Facebook event synchronization You can see your friend’s birthday from Facebook in your device’s calendar. Facebook events are synchronized seamlessly in Mango. Background Tasks It is analogous to a Task Manager of a PC. It displays all background tasks currently running on the device and displays their resource usage. It is capable of killing some tasks if it finds that the system needs free memory. Music support enabled lock screen Calendar and new messages are displayed normally when the screen is locked. If music is being played in the background, Mango displays wallpapers from Zune along with play/pause images if music is being played currently in the background. Picture correction   [caption id="attachment_64094" align="alignnone" width="310"]Before edit Before edit[/caption] [caption id="attachment_64095" align="alignnone" width="310"]After edit After edit[/caption] Third party apps needed to be used previously for enhanced image editing. Mango offers Auto-Fix feature that enhances the image by adjusting certain parameters like hue, saturation etc. to improve picture quality. The source image is overwritten to accommodate the new changes and hence you cannot rollback the change, once it is done.

Microsoft has undertaken all efforts to ensure that Mango offers decent competition to the Android market. What people prefer will ultimately decide Microsoft’s success or failure.


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