Road Trip Subcategory Shows Up On The Windows Store

The Windows Store team sure does know how to pick creative subjects for the subcategories it regularly puts up on the app repository. Case in point is the latest one that just showed up.

This new temporary software section brings together a collection of apps in the spotlight, and gives more exposure to the best ones around.

This time the applications that are showcased are said to help users plan a road trip — and the selection includes weather apps, traffic information tools, radio players, even tip calculators. Who leaves on road trips without their tip calculators, eh?

The description of the new software category reads:

“Getting ready for a road trip with family or friends? These apps will help you before, during, and after your trip. Plan your route, explore local attractions, listen to your favorite tunes, and share photos from your trip.”

Do take a look around this special new section on the Windows Store, and check out the selection of apps that is made up of fine titles like AccuWeather for Windows 8, UrbanSpoon, Memorylage, PhotoWirl, INRIX Traffic, Tip Calculator with Friends, as well as the official app.

Most of these apps are available with a freeware license, so fire up your downloading engines, install a few good apps, and let us know in the comments section if you found something worthwhile.

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