Rounded Corners May Just Be What Windows 10 Needs

Rounded Corners May Just Be What Windows 10 Needs

And this concept proves it! Microsoft is on
the cusp of a little design revolution with Windows 10, with things like
rounded corners and what not making the rounds in leaked images and details.

Basically, an evolution of the Fluent

This redesign will be a step away from the
Metro UI that the company revealed back in 2012, back when it launched Windows
8. It is speculated that the first feature update to sport this new look will
be 20H1, the release due in spring of next year.

So, while we wait for an official confirmation,
the designers are not.

The Windows community is already imagining
this facelift, with concepts envisioning the kind of look that we may be
treated to in just a few months.

You can find below one such concept that
was published recently, which envisions are more dramatic overhaul of the
Windows 10 experience, complete with a new look for the beloved Start Menu.

Spend a minute to watch this video below:

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Rounded corners are the obvious selling
point of this concept, but the designer has also added several modern touches
across the interface. From File Explorer to Cortana, everything gets a
sprinkling of this improved implementation of the Fluent Design language.

More importantly, it does away with Live
Tiles, which is something that is heavily rumored right now, as Microsoft feels
developers have not really picked up on the Live Tiles feature on the platform.

No matter what kind of a design revolution Microsoft is gearing up for, there is no doubt that it can take a little inspiration from this latest Windows 10 concept, which is one of the best ones to surface in recent memory.

What do you think?

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