Rumor claims that Microsoft is Working on Outlook Client Specifically for Windows RT

There has been quite a few negative articles on the net about Windows RT, and I admit that I personally have been semi-critical of ARM-based Windows devices as well. While I personally think they have potential, their high-prices and lack of real differences between legacy-app-capable Atom devices makes the idea of a Windows RT less appealing.

That said, there is one feature with RT that sets it apart from Windows 8: the inclusion of Office. Windows RT includes Office Home and Student 2013 RT out of the box and provides the same high-quality experience that Windows 8 users have to pay for separately. There is one thing missing though, the Outlook email client.

So why didn’t Microsoft include it? According to a new rumor, Microsoft is crafting an outlook client specifically for Windows RT right now. That said, there is already a Windows RT Mail client, so the presence of Outlook might not be necessary.

So far, all we know for sure is that Microsoft has said that Office Home and Student 2013 RT doesn’t include Outlook. Honestly, I’m not sure I see the point of releasing it now. The Windows RT Mail client is reasonably capable in its current form, at least in my opinion. Of course I’ve only briefly used Windows RT. For those that actually own the Surface and other Windows RT devices, would you like to see Microsoft release a true Outlook client or do you feel it isn’t needed? Share your thoughts below.

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