Rumor: Microsoft Could Reveal Windows Blue This Month

It is amazing when you consider just a few months back it was all about Windows 8. Only a select few had even heard of the Blue initiative or Windows 8.1, but here we are with an official confirmation from Redmond.

Tami Reller, the chief marketing officer and chief financial officer of the software titan, just today revealed a bunch of details regarding the soon-to-be-released upgrade to Microsoft’s latest OS.

But official confirmations, as comforting as they are, are rarely as elaborate as all the rumors, chitchat and gossip that come with as high profile a release as Windows 8.1. And to be quite honest, we have had our fair share of these unofficial speculations ever since the news of Windows Blue first got out.

And that is to go with all the leaked builds of Windows 8.1 that have made their way to the web.

Having said that, even with all this mountain of information to go by, some things are still missing like the final designation, packaging details and more importantly pricing of Windows Blue (or Windows 8.1).

Most expect Redmond to first unveil Windows Blue at this year’s BUILD conference.

But now, The Verge, citing Microsoft’s Windows CFO Tami Reller, says that all these above details could very likely be unveiled one month before the BUILD developer conference — that makes it this month.

The reasoning is that Microsoft needs to stir up interest in this new Windows release. And there is no better way to do this than start early. File this as a rumor for now, but there is a chance that Microsoft may put up some videos and promotion material for Windows Blue in a couple of weeks’ time.

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