Rumor: Microsoft Planning A 14.6-Inch Surface Ultrabook

MS_nerd now suggests that the company is also working on a new Surface device which is internally called a Surface Book. That would put it in the laptop and ultrabook category. And what’s more, the new device is said to feature a full 14.6-inch screen. Who said size doesn’t matter? The device is said to feature all the premium components found in other ultrabooks on the market, namely an Intel Haswell CPU so that it can Windows 8 Pro and all legacy software for the platform. Microsoft obviously will not be confirming or denying these rumors anytime soon, but the company has already expressed its desire to expand into the hardware realm. Given how far ahead large technology companies like Microsoft plan, they could very well be working on and testing a device like this. And it would make sense, seeing as two of its biggest competitors (Apple and Google) regularly bring out their own hardware devices — Apple in particular with its MacBook Pro and Air lineup of luxury mobile machines. Tami Reller, head of the Windows Business Division, speaking at a technology conference was not impressed with the amount of devices available:

“If you go into retail today, you will see some great touch devices, whether it’s touch laptops, or whether it’s a tablet or two with Windows 8 or Windows RT. It’s not enough in our opinion. I mean, we think the pipeline is great, and we’re excited to see that pipeline come into retail”.
Microsoft isn’t exactly new to the hardware real, with a couple of successful consoles under its umbrella as well as several computer and gaming peripherals. But a Surface ultrabook, along with a Surface smartphone is the next logical step and makes more sense than a dedicated gaming tablet.]]>

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