Rumor: Surface RT is about to Hit Stores Outside of Microsoft This Holiday Season

was “killing the Surface” by keeping distribution limited to just their Microsoft stores and their online ordering site. Apparently Microsoft agrees with this sentiment and is looking to do something about it. According to Window’s guru Paul Thurrott, Microsoft always intended to ramp up its retail presence outside of their own Stores starting in 2013– but they are now upping the timeline. In order to get more of the last-minute holiday sales, Microsoft is planning to launch the Surface RT is select partners outside of its current chain. If they really are going to do this, as Thurrott claims citing unnamed sources, it is going to have to happen quick. The holiday shopping season is almost over, and so the move will likely need to happen sometime next week if this is actually true. If true, what stores can we expect to carry the Surface RT? We’ve already heard past rumors about Verizon possibly carrying the hardware, and Best Buy also seems like a logical choice. For now, I’d take this all with a grain of salt. Even if it does happen in the next week or two, do you think it will make a difference this late into the shopping season or not? [ source ]]]>

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