Rumor: Windows Phone Blue Being Tested By Microsoft Partners Right Now

You might have already heard, but Microsoft has now announced plans to end support for Windows Phone 8 and 7.8 by the middle of 2014. Before you freak out and think that means Microsoft is abandoning you, slow down and take a deep breath.

Microsoft has already confirmed that Windows Phone 8 will get an upgrade path. Windows Phone 7.8 users won’t be so lucky, though, but by then they will be more than ready to ditch their aging hardware anyhow.
You have to wonder though, what’s next for Windows Phone? Pretty obvious answer, Windows Phone Blue.

We recently covered how Windows Blue will be optimized for smaller screens, like 7-inch tablets, but now we have some news on the Windows Phone Blue side of things as well.

It seems that a new rumor claims that Microsoft, HTC, Nokia and Qualcomm are already working together to test out Windows Phone Blue on various devices. Not surprising, since if this is really rolling out this year, testing probably has been going on for a while now.

In fact, recently a Microsoft employee put in their profile that they were working as a software test engineer for Windows 9 OS on Nokia, HTC and Qualcomm. While that could mean they are in fact working on Windows Phone 9 – it is more likely that this has to do with Windows Phone Blue. Perhaps employees just aren’t sure what to call it at this stage.

We don’t now exactly what the future holds when it comes to features for Windows Phone Blue or Windows Blue, but the evidence continues to support the idea that Microsoft is planning something BIG for both platforms in the coming future.

Windows Phone Blue – What’s Next?

So what do we hope to see out of Windows Phone Blue? Honestly, the biggest thing Microsoft needs to do is ditch Windows Phone Store. There is no reason to keep things seperate. Windows Store for Windows 8 and RT could easily support Windows Phone apps. This unification could go along way.

Additionally, Windows Phone Blue could also bring us more customization features, such as more tile resizes, background changes and more.

What do you hope to see out of Windows Blue? Share your thoughts below.

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