Run This Windows 95 App On Your Desktop

Let’s end the week on a fun note! If you remember the age of Windows 95, then check out this Electron app that lets you relive the good times. No matter what platform you are on.

The app can be downloaded on Windows, macOS and Linux.

True story.

There are some limitations, of course. Internet Explorer simply throws up an error message whenever you try to load up a website. And since this is packing an old operating system into an application, it does not recognize the drives on your PC.

Meaning, you can’t load software and install programs onto it, like Office or Netscape Navigator.

Other than that, this is a solid piece of engineering.

Windows 95 Electron App

Developer Felix Reiseberg notes that you will get the full Windows 95 experience after installing and running his new Electron app, which comes in a little over 100MB in size.

Of course, it is very much possible to get a similar, even better, experience deploying the OS in a virtual machine. But this is not only lighter and easier to manage, but the best bit is that changes in this version are also persistent — create a folder and it will be there next time you are there.

Pretty neat, considering this is an application meant just for fun.

The Electron apps is available at GitHub at the link below. Give it a run and reexperience the wonder that was Windows 95, as it was designed to be.

Download: Windows 95

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