Run both versions of Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 after January of 2020

Windows 10 Edge Browser

Microsoft recently announced that Microsoft’s new Edge browser will be delivered automatically via Windows Update when it launches in January.

That version will replace the current Edge browser on most users desktop.

This is true for most users BUT some users will be able to keep both versions running if they desire.

Who can keep running both versions of Edge on Windows 10?

Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise users will be able to keep both old and new Edge browsers running side by side.

Windows 10 Home users will be unable to do so.

This is possible because in order to make this happen, a user will need the Group Policy Editor and this is not present in Windows 10 Home.

How to keep the old version of Edge after January 2020

For users interested in keeping both versions of Edge in January of 2020, you can pull this off in Pro and Enterprise by setting the ‘Allow Microsoft Edge Side by Side’ browser experience group policy.

To do this, open the Group Policy Editor (simply look for it under Windows search).

Then perform the following steps:

  • Under Computer Configuration, go to Administrative Templates > Microsoft Edge Update > Applications.
  • Under Applications, select ‘Allow Microsoft Edge Side by Side browser experience’ and then click Edit policy setting
  • Select Enabled and then click OK
  • Ideally, you should enable this side by side functionality before the new Microsoft Edge is installed on the PC. It’s simpler that way.

If you enable this AFTER the new Microsoft Edge is installed, you have to perform a few extra steps. You can find those steps here.

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