SA Tourism Lifts And Shifts Its Apps To Azure

In fact, it has pretty much completed the process. The South Australian Tourism Commission, better known as SATC, is all done with its migration of its apps to Azure.

It has shifted the majority of its applications and systems to the Microsoft cloud platform.

Rather than building its own datacenter, so to say.

As revealed, the migration was completed with no loss of data or downtime, and despite the shutdown of the head office, the staff was able to remotely access work and make the move to Azure. Familiarity with the platform also helped.

SATC IT operations officer Sam Mountstephen:

“We already had some experience with Azure as our digital marketing team uses Azure already for Sitecore to manage our public and private websites, and there are the applications developed by Satalyst for the cycle tours.

Prior to moving we had two physical hosts with about 16 or 17 virtual machines. We had to do quite a bit of work to get to 12 VMs and virtualize SQL, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, Applications Server, Microsoft Systems Server and Config Manager.”

The organization decided to pull the plug on its servers and network to save space and mitigate risks at its new offices. And the migration also gave the commission a chance to refresh and consolidate its disparate systems and platforms that are used across the state.

Now, it can spin up and build platforms on Power Apps.

This also served as the springboard for the organization to increase its adoption of Office 365, which it has done ahead of eventually tackling other planning and management suites. Plans are already underway to migrate to Dynamics 365 and then migrating SharePoint to Azure.

The Australian commission also hopes to make use of artificial intelligence for image and video recognition across its marketing content imagery for smart searching and video tagging.

The benefits of shiny new technologies!

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