CEO Believes Steve Ballmer Made The Right Decision To Retire

Boy, you have got to hand it to Marc Benioff. The CEO of is never at a loss of words when it comes to Microsoft, and every once in a while he talks about how things are going over at Redmond.

And since Steve Ballmer recently talked about his retirement saying it was the right time to move on and make room for a new leader, Benioff has shared his mind on the matter — he thinks along the same lines as Ballmer, while hinting that new leaders have to adopt to the ever-evolving business climate.

He expressed these views in a conference call with analysts:

“The world has changed. The companies that are struggling in the market today have not gone cloud. They have not gone social. They have not gone mobile. They are still trying to sell the same old stuff.

Ballmer is too representative of the past. For a lot of these companies, that quote could be about them.”

Hard to disagree that the technology world is changing, and company leaders now have to focus on things beyond their traditional products.

Outgoing Microsoft CEO has expressed these views multiple times since announcing his retirement, saying that the new face that takes up the hot seat from him will have to continue the transition to a devices and services approach that he started.

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