's CEO predicts Windows 8 will mark the end of Windows

Windows 8 is a catalyst or “gambit” for CIOs, forcing them to say “am I going to Windows 8, or am I going to something else,” Years ago, “a common phrase was, ‘the Windows 7 upgrade cycle,'” Benioff added. “You’re not going to hear about the Windows 8 upgrade cycle. I’m not saying that as a big, aggressive statement against Microsoft, that’s just the reality of today’s environment.” Windows has become “irrelevant,” being displaced by next-generation LTE wireless networks that will “disintermediate” the need for WANs and LANs, along with “all of these great services that are available right off the cloud.” He also provided anecdotal evidence based on a global CIO he┬árecently┬áspoke to.

“Her goal is to get rid of all of the PCs,” Benioff said. “She doesn’t see a demand curve from users for PCs.” Instead, the CIO is hoping to move to a BYOD (bring-your-own-device) approach, Benioff said. Next-generation mobile devices have “forced CIOs to make changes already,” he added.
It’s too late in the evening to drill down into the levels of Bullshit in his statement. I’ll cut this apart next week. Source]]>

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