Samsung Ativ Odyssey Image Leaked

First unveiled at Microsoft’s recent Windows Phone 8 event, the Samsung Ativ Odyssey has remained shrouded in a veil of secrecy ever since (despite the ‘unveiling’), including confirmation of what the Windows 8 smartphone’s specs will be, and even what the darn thing will look like. While speculation continues to run rampant about the former, including the possibility of a 4.65” Super AMOLED HD display, an 8 MP rear-facing camera, and Snapdragon MSM 8960 processor, speculation about the latter can now be laid to rest, as leaked images of the new smartphone, scheduled for release in December, have found their way onto the internet, as leaked images are wont to do. Anyone whose eyes darted eagerly to the leaked image to see what wonders it would behold will probably come away rather disappointed with that they saw. The Odyssey is a rather unimpressive looking device at first glance (not to mention second glance and third glance), being neither sleek nor attractive in its design. It’s just…there…with its 50 Shades of Grey back cover, and plain and somewhat utilitarian face. It is most certainly not a device that will get people talking when you bust it out of your pocket/fanny pack/belt/shoe/under your hat/wherever you store your phone when not in hand; unless they’re talking about how plain and drab it is. So while it may not be the most attractive phone on the horizon, at least we have a face to go along with…well, not much else yet really. Just a blurry body of possible specs that may or may not make that face slightly more attractive than it currently is; something only a few beers will be able to accomplish otherwise.


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