Samsung Ativ S coming in December, Screen to Blame for Long Delays?

Nokia Lumia 920, but many of the others seem to be seeing pretty decent success so far as well. That said, the truth is that there are really a pretty limited number of handsets on the market right now that run on the new OS. While this isn’t that shocking for a brand new mobile operating system, I’d like to see a bit more carrier variety, even if Nokia and HTC has pretty great offerings as it stands. The good news is that Huawei seems to be joining the pack in early 2013. What about Samsung though? This isn’t the first time we’ve asked about the absent Samsung ATIV S. This was supposed to be a launch phone that was designed with an aesthetic that looked quite a bit like an Android device (particularly the Galaxy S3) but packed the power of Windows. So what the heck is going on? While Samsung hasn’t said much as to why the delays are happening, they haven’t canceled the phone yet either. Instead, we get yet another delay. Now we have information that the device won’t hit until December’s end, and likely will not ship until the first days of January. The good news is we are finally learning at least a little more about why it is taking so long. The rumor seems to b e the that screen is in such hot demand that they just don’t have enough to launch the device. After all, this screen is found in the Samsung Galaxy S3 and it is very possible that Samsung is giving preference to Android. Honestly, I can’t really blame them too much yet… it is a proven ecosystem and they are making a lot of money there. Samsung wants to expand into Windows territory, but not at the risk of losing ground in the Android world. Still, surely they could have put a bit more effort into the Windows Phone 8 launch, instead of making it a complete afterthought. Are you at all interested in Samsung’s ATIV S or would you rather stick with a different Windows Phone 8 handset at this point? [ source ]]]>

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