Samsung Believes Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 will open doors to new Enterprise Opportunities

the legal wars that they have found themselves in when it comes to their Android devices. Here is exactly what the Samsung UK VP had to say when it comes to how appealing Windows and Windows Phone is in the business world:

“In discussions we’ve had with IT directors and chief information officers we’ve been able to tell them we’ll be able to provide a smartphone, a tablet, a PC and an all-in-one utilising the IT they’ve built their business on for the last 25 years.”
This is something that is very true about Windows 8. Companies like consistency. Having one brand that can produce a tablet, smartphone and desktop/laptops that all have basically the same functionality and UI makes a great deal of sense. Gartner recently stuck its foot in their mouths again by stating “Android will appear on more devices than Windows by 2016”- but that is entirely overlooking the reality that Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 are major game changers, especially among business professionals.

Microsoft Everywhere is VERY appealing to businesses

Sure, the convenience of having Windows on all your devices at home with the same basic interface and performance sounds great. Xbox 360 and your Windows tablets will perform in much the same way, that makes life easier. But for businesses it also SAVES MONEY. If that all-in-one, tablet and smartphone have essentially the same apps, same UI and same overall functionality- they have much less training to worry about. Less training means less expenses. It also means that they can probably cut back on IT department expenses since there will be less ‘stupid people’ calling in to their tech departments because, “I know how to do this in Windows, but no clue on my tablet” types of situations. Samsung is very wise to understand the opportunity that lies in wait here. Earlier today Sara Lee announced they were moving over to Windows Phone through Nokia devices because of Office integration. It is beginning folks- Windows Phone and Windows 8 are a deadly combination in the enterprise world. Alternatives like Apple and Google should be rightfully scared, that is if Microsoft and its vendors play their cards right. Going forward Microsoft needs to push its enterprise angle and vendors need hardware that works great in business environments as well. The consumer market is important too, but if you win the business world, you could win both. Those executives will get comfortable with their Windows devices and will end up buying them at home, too – at least in theory. The only major obstacle is helping businesses to realize that the new Start Screen UI is not the enemy. What do you think? [ source ]]]>

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