Samsung Introduces Intel Lakefield Powered Galaxy Book S

May 29, 2020
Samsung Galaxy Book S Intel

Yes, this is the same chip that will be powering the now-delayed Surface Neo. And this Intel powered Samsung Galaxy Book S comes nearly half a year after the release of the Qualcomm ARM based model.

The Korean giant announced the availability of this new machine, alongside confirming the return of Samsung laptops to the UK market. This is even bigger news, when you consider the fact that the company had bowed out and given up on its PC efforts in Europe.

All the way back in 2014, actually.

Getting back to the announcement, however, this Intel variant of the Galaxy Book S features the company’s Lakefield chipsets. These are being referred to as Intel Core processors with the Intel Foveros 3D stacking technology and hybrid CPU architecture.

This basically opens up exceptional levels of performance on this device, allowing it to intelligently balance multiple high-performing processes during use while conserving battery when not in use.

Samsung Galaxy Book S Specifications

Under the hood, the Galaxy Book S features 8GB of RAM, either 256GB of 512GB of storage, along with a microSD card slot, and a fingerprint sensor. You also get 2 USB-C ports and a headphone jack, as well as support for both WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5 technologies.

Always-on LTE is also onboard, allowing for gigabit Internet speeds.

As for the display, the device sports a 13.3-inch Full HD touchscreen panel that can brighten up to 600 nits with an outdoor mode.

The Galaxy Book S runs either Windows 10 Home or Pro, and weighs in at just 950 grams. A thickness of only 11.8mm in a durable metal body is even more impressive, thanks to a completely fanless design.

Samsung has not announced availability of the Intel based Galaxy Book S in other major regions around the globe, but buyers in the United Kingdom will be able to get their hands on this machine by parting away with £999.

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