Samsung On Track To Reach Record Smartphone Sales This Quarter

I wonder how many of these are Windows Phone devices? When it comes to smartphone sales, to say that Korean giant Samsung is an exemplar would be an understatement.

The company has grabbed the proverbial smartphone bull by the horns and ran with it.

Last year Samsung announced record number of units shipped to become the largest smartphone (and well, feature phones as well) vendor around. No surprises then that the company seems to have continued its path of success in the first quarter of this year.

The company is expected to announce record shipment volumes for this timeframe soon.

According to a report over at Yonhap News citing Hong-Kong based analyst firm Counterpoint Research, Samsung has managed to move around 25 million devices per month this quarter. This sums up to 70 million units sold worldwide in Q1 2013.

That’s very near 1 million smartphone sold every day. Wowzers!

It wasn’t too far back when Google was touting 1 million Android devices activated in a day, and that was all companies combined.

Traditionally, the first quarter of the year is usually a slow affair — it is affected by gentle season demand. But nevertheless, Samsung has managed to strengthen its leading position on the smartphone market and looks set to grow it even further in the second quarter.

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 is set to bag some record numbers once it arrives.

Samsung’s smartphones lineup mainly includes Android devices, and this played a large role in helping it gain the top position in this market segment during the past few years — though the company also sells Windows Phone and Bada handsets.

Voices have been growing that Samsung may soon be pulling the rug off of Windows Phone devices in favor of its own custom operating system, leaving Nokia and HTC as the two major flag bearers of Microsoft’s mobile platform.

If things continue at this trajectory, nothing is out of the realm of possibility, this much is certain.

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