Samsung readying an Exynos powered Windows 10 PC

Exynos Chip

Following Apple, are we? Samsung is already a big player in the PC market, but it looks like the Korean giant has set its sight even bigger. Think an Exynos powered computer big.

This new Windows 10 PC is reportedly part of the Windows on ARM push — only instead of a Qualcomm processor, it will house an equally capable Exynos chip. This should very much differentiate it from the rest of the devices available on the market.

And if Samsung can nail the performance bit just right, it may even give it an edge.

The company has a good thing going with its Exynos chipset that it uses on mobile devices. And this transition to the PC world was long expected.

Word is that the chip Samsung has picked for this new PC is Exynos 2200. It will be paired with an AMD GPU to handle graphics duties. This should be enough to create a new breed of devices for the Windows ecosystem, a unique bet of sorts.

Samsung has not confirmed this report, and no other specifics are available. But we should hear more about this development closer to the release date, which is expected sometimes in the third quarter.

If this comes to fruition, it will be Samsung following in Apple’s footsteps, what with the Cupertino company having already launched its very own custom ARM chip called the M1. Already available on several devices, this new chip has garnered praise for its performance and battery life.

Very likely that Samsung wants something similar for itself with this.

Let’s just wait and see.

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