Samsung Shows Off 15.6-Inch 4K OLED Panels For Laptops

The dawn of a new age? Samsung is intent on unleashing the OLED revolution on notebooks, with the company having announced the world’s first 15.6-inch 4K OLED panel for laptops.

The display division of the Korean giant unveiled its plans in its latest announcement.

Revealing that it is putting into mass production next month, these new screens that will grace premium laptops that get released this year. The display has a 4K resolution with a pixel count coming in at the standard 3840 x 2160.

The display will also sport HDR, including the new HDR True Black standard.

OLED panels have a number of distinct advantages compared to good old LCD panels that are a norm on almost all laptops. Their brightness levels, for instance, can range from 0.0005 to 600 nits — which is something most screens can’t attain.

Samsung says that blacks should be 200 times darker, while whites can be twice as bright on its OLED panels, while they can also offer 3.4 million colors, double what a similar size LCD would have.

According to the company, these new panels also meet the DCI-P3 standard, with high color volume that is 1.7 times higher than that of similar LCDs. This basically means that these screens also provide better outdoor viewing.

Obviously, one major complain that OLED technology has is that of burn-in and image retention. This can be quite a hassle on PCs, as elements like the Taskbar, Start Menu and other windows stay onscreen for long period of time.

Luckily, the technology seems to have caught up on this, as is evident from some premium devices that have offered OLED screens to Windows 10 users.

Most notably, an Alienware gaming laptop, as well as the AMOLED variant of the HP Spectre x360 that was shown off at CES 2019 a few weeks back.

And in case you’re hoping to see Microsoft Surface devices sport this new type of screens, do keep in mind that Redmond typically goes for the 3:2 aspect ratio screens, not the traditional 16:9 of this Samsung OLED panel.

But one can hope, this leads to more and more device switching to the OLED technology, and soon.

We may very well be near a revolution here!

A long-awaited one.

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