Samsung Takes Further Aim at the Enterprise World

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Samsung seems determined to break into the enterprise world in a big way. According to the company, they believe that BYOD trends are only going to continue to expand in 2013, and they want a piece of pie. Samsung says the old model of selling directly the a business isn’t as relevant as it once was, and they are right.

The truth is that BYOD allows consumers to comfortably use the same device in their home-life as in their business-life and it also saves the company money– making it a win-win.

So in what ways is Samsung aiming at the enterprise? For starters, they are unveiling several new Windows 8 devices such as the Series 7 Chronos, a sexy aluminum-body touch laptop that is just .8-inches in thickness and has a massive 15.7-inch screen. There is also the Series 7 Ultra with its 13.3-inch screen.

In many ways, Windows 8 makes sense in the BYOD world because it supports the legacy applications that many businesses are using in the Office, and yet still has the mobility that many of today’s business users are craving for.

Beyond Windows 8 what is Samsung doing to ease its way into the enterprise world?

Samsung has also rolled out “Safe”, their new Samsung for Enterprise solution. So what is Safe exactly? It is a framework for corporate email, calendar, contracts, on-device encryption of data, virtual private networks and mobile device management.

Can Samsung Succeed in the Enterprise Environment?

This is a good question, and honestly one that will only be answered by time. That said, I think we are moving towards an age where simplicity is key. People don’t want fourteen devices that all do similar things, they one one that does EVERYTHING.
This is evidenced by the growing trend of large-screen phones (aka phablets) that can act as tablets and smartphones all in one package. It’s also evidenced by the fact that consumers aren’t buying laptops like they used to, when tablets can provide that and MORE.

Windows 8 and Microsoft’s “universal experience” truly fits into this modern mentality, even if consumers and enterprise users have yet to release it.
Samsung is wise to invest in business while at the same time directing their efforts more at the BYOD crowd, at least in my humble opinion.

What do you think, is Samsung playing it smart here or not?

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