Samsung Wants 128GB Storage In Budget Smartphones

Now this is the sort of a noble idea everyone can get behind! Advancements in flash storage means new type of chips are possible. And Samsung is at the forefront of these technology innovations.

The Korean giant just introduced a new type of chip.

One that might change how budget and affordable smartphones are designed — low end handsets usually top out at 32GB of internal storage, and that is a best case scenario. Premium devices, however, go all the way up to a much more manageable 64GB or 128GB capacities.

And Samsung wants to change that.

It plans on implementing its new high-performance mobile memory storage chips that are actually based on the eMMC 5.0 technology into budget handsets.

This 128GB NAND chip is of the 3-bit variety, unlike the more advanced and faster Universal Flash Storage USF 2.0 storage that is packed inside flagships these days. What this simply means is that the popular eMMC 5.0 standard is ready to be passed onto affordable phone models.

They are speed too, topping out at 260 MB/s.

Samsung have not specified when they plan on mass producing these chips in the press release above, but we can expect this soon.

At first the company might put them in its own smartphone and tablets, but we can expect these to transition to other Android and Windows Phone powered offerings, in due time.

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